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Camlock Coupling
Stainless Steel & Aluminiun & PP & Nylon Acceptted 1/2" to 8" Acceptted
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Whipcheck Safety Cable
Hose to Hose & Hose to Tool Acceptted ; Carbon steel & Stainless Steel Acceptted
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Hose Clamp
American Type & British Type & T Bolt Type & German Type Acceptted; Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Acceptted
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Whipcheck safety cables are used to prevent hose or cable whip in the event of a hose, coupling, or cable failure. They are essential in industries where high-pressure hoses or cables are used, such as in construction, manufacturing, and mining. Whipcheck safety cables help avoid potential injuries to workers and damage to equipment by restraining the hose or cable if it becomes detached, reducing the risk of it flailing uncontrollably     


Camlock couplings are used for various applications in industries where quick and secure hose or pipe connections are necessary. There are several reasons why camlock couplings are preferred: Highly resistant to corrosion and rust, durability, easy to clean and maintain, Come in various sizes and configurations, Quick connection without the need for additional tools, safety, long-lasting propertie


The hose clamp is generally made of carbon steel and stainless steel,  the specifications and models can be customized according to regulations. It plays a very important role in connecting hoses and hard pipes. When there is a pipe, it will be present. Its function is to lock the connection, making it more tightly sealed and preventing air and water leakage. Here are various type in the market, such as US type, British type, German type, T-bolt, double bolt, all types acceptted.


YANFA hardware established in 2011,  located in Tianjin city where is only 30km away from Tianjin port. Our product include camlock coupling, whipcheck safety cable and hose clamp, various material, type to be chose. 

Our product certificated, it exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

We warmly welcome customs  to contact us for futher inquiry. We will show our sincerity in futher base on stable quality.


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